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fast service

Matrix VIP offers unparalleled time to treat for MAT and mental health prescription orders


Multiple communication channels and no robo-receptionists. Our highly qualified personnel are contacted effortlessly


Matrix VIP was founded by and employs individuals with a mission to help our community.


We specialize in mental health and addiction recovery and our team has over a decade of experience providing these much needed therapies.

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Matrix VIP was founded by individuals with a passion for service to those who need help. Our pharmacy has a mission to provide MAT and mental health medications in a fast and frictionless way, while promoting the de-stigmatization of those facing challenges with substance use disorders and other mental health conditions. Although we are a modern company with the resources required to meet the ever-changing pharmacy and healthcare landscape, our business model is grounded in old-fashioned ideas:


  • Treat all customers as if they are a member of your family.

  • Meet your customers "where they are" and support them no matter where they are at on their recovery journey.

  • Be a contributor to the community, not simply a business.

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